WOW - Blackawton go to see Red Shoes

Submitted by Helen Perry on

What an absolute privilege it was to take 40 children to see such a spellbinding show. I could not have been more proud of all the children who came to see The Red Shoes. The theatre is an exciting, busy place and each and every one conducted themselves in a mature, polite and exemplary manner. And the was difficult to take my eyes away from the stage but when I did and looked at the faces of the children watching, their expressions captured it all. The story-telling was exquisite. Many of the children couldn't believe that there wasn't any speech at all yet the dancers had told such a complicated story so well. 

Earlier this week the children in Classes 4 & 5 took part in a workshop led by 2 of the Re-Bourne company which is set up to encourage and inspire young people to dance. They certainly had that effect at Blackawton - there was a surge in ticket sales following the workshop.

None of this would have happened without the passionate drive from Belinda Chapman who organised the workshops, arranged for members of the company to talk with the children during the interval and walked bare foot for a month to fund raise for this event. On behalf of all the pupils and staff THANK YOU.